Diatryma (diatryma) wrote,

oh, wait, blood

Gave blood yesterday. I had a new person-- they've been hiring, and I considered applying but I do not really want to be a patient-contact person. I was unthrilled with the newness, minor miscommunications, neither of us knowing the other, and then things went mildly poorly and they only got a single platelet and jumbo plasma.

The tech moved my snacks and said I could just ask her to put more within reach. That is not how it works.

Anyway, between being a crankypants then and managing to think, "I should eat something soon," and not eating anything for about eight hours today, plus a blog post that hit all the pissing-off/self-loathing buttons... crankypants. All the crankypants.

Spring break ends this weekend. Back to school Monday.
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