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I read two books in February. And so much fic.

Lisa Kleypas, Brown-Eyed Girl. Angela tells me the book contains surprisingly few errors in photography, meaning there's one screwed-up brand name and one misunderstanding of camera modes and who uses them. It's a decent book, though every time the titular eyes came up, I sighed because I have never met a redhead with brown eyes. I'm sure you're out there.

Tanya Huff, The Future Falls. Yay banter, yay snark, yay Charlie and music... and like the others in the series, I have no damned clue what actually happened at the end. At all. Plus I really, honestly thought that Charlie was 100% lesbian. I guess part of what I missed in the second book's climax included dragon kissing.
And I kind of want to compare the Gales to the Prices in Seanan McGuire's books.

On to blood!

Number of times I have been stabbed to extract my crimson life-fluid: 5.

Okay, so. Today was also the wellness screening for the school district; I am willing to wake up slightly early and skip breakfast if it gets me a fifteen-dollar gift card at Scheel's (to be augmented by a twenty-five-dollar gift card for being a building winner in the district's bullshit Biggest Loser challenge, and I have opinions about that, oh yes I do.) Unfortunately, dehydration leads to zero stabbable veins. So the poor tech tried to get blood for the various tests, wiggled things around a bit, had to back off and go for the other forearm rather than an elbow vein. Number three, fingerstick to pass the blood donation tests. Number four, other elbow vein, also completely absent. Number five, first elbow, different vein, ended up misbehaving just enough that when things went mildly wrong, the tech dropped me from a triple platelet to a double. I am sad about this. I had a streak!

There was also a camera crew there doing a local news story about the youngest Solon student to donate a gallon of blood. They have a blood-donation cord for graduation, which is spectacular, and this particular student started donating platelets and so accumulated the gallon quickly. Good job, Solon student. You are excellent.
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