Diatryma (diatryma) wrote,

books, blood

1) Gave blood. Triple platelets. Notable mostly because the phlebotomist doing the stick knew it was iffy, so he kept an eye on it and pulled it before we got too far in. Moved over to another machine, had a completely uneventful donation. Plus, with the rewards program I'm going to get a set of pans.

2) Books. Very short here.

Jennifer Crusie, Welcome to Temptation. Rereads continue. Nom.

Diana Wynne Jones, Unexpected Magic. I have heard before that if you read a lot of Jones you see that there is a looooot of dysfunction in her adults. Hooboy yes. When I mentioned this at Alpha, people said, “That is the point of Diana Wynne Jones,” but... look, I get to come to my conclusions in my own time.

Elizabeth Bear, Karen Memory. My biggest problem with this book is that the great first line is a lie. Why wouldn’t we like what she has to tell us? We bought this book. It’s what happened, and there’s nothing groundbreaking or culture-shattering about the events. And, I guess, a little silliness in places, but I’m willing to classify this one as, “A lot of fun and I like it, but craftwise not one of her best,” vs some that are, “Wow, this is probably brilliant, and I am never going to read it or anything in its series again.”

Jennifer Crusie, Faking It. Reread, and this time I actually understood the crowded explanation of everything.

Mark Kurlansky, Salt. Decent book for occasional reading while the boy cooked. Didn’t get as in-depth as I’d like, and the organization wasn’t the way I’d expect it, but in chunks, perfectly good.

Wow, did I really not read much else? Well, all the Avengers fic in the world. I have a problem.

3) So much Avengers fic. Someone posted a link somewhere and then I was devouring everything good. Some iffy. Not much bad, because I am working from a well-curated list.

4) Oh, also, Alpha. That happened. Ask for more details. Good as usual.
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