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Apr. 13th, 2014 @ 09:05 pm some random things which make a post
1) The school district is doing a pedometer challenge. While I'm the high walker for our team, Team Steppy McWalkypants, we are definitely not going to win. Other teams include PE teachers, elementary special ed teachers, people who run for fun, and at least one custodian. I talked to that custodian. He did 27,000 steps in his first day.
I have had a blister on one foot all week and am resigned to keeping it for the month.

2) Body issues. Having them.

3) So now I'm an NSO for roller derby. That's something. I still don't know what I think about it.

4) HabitRPG is helping me get things done. Yay.

5) When I write this entry in my head, not only is it longer, it's much more interesting. But I do not write it in my head when I could write it on the computer. Fewer inhibitions, I guess, because I can't possibly make words happen while walking with Hoarder, assuming I have the brain to spare for thinking, or standing watching Simba and Felon (who is not actually a felon) sort silverware.

6) I thought I'd walk a lot further than I actually do. I'm on my feet a portion of the day, after all, and I don't sit around after work watching TV. I'm not idle! But I'm not active either. I have conflated... physical activity and thus virtue, intellectual activity and thus virtue, and productivity and thus virtue. None of these are actually virtue, I know, but in my head they are all tangled together. Endlessly reading blogs is clearly more active than watching Two and a Half Men, right? So I should be registering pedometer steps. Except no, that is exactly not the way it works.

I've started walking to school (3k each way) and to HyVee (unknown, but less than that), and sometimes I walk downtown (about 5k). Plus walkies with the boy.

By 'k' I mean 'thousand steps', not 'kilometer'. Although they are kind of similar distances.

Some time ago, Angela mentioned that I hadn't been walking and maybe that was some of why I was anxious lately. This seems to be true. I like walking. I like having that part of the day disappear, if that makes sense; that's one reason I sometimes nap. I like seeing gardens and what flowers are coming up.

7) On Wednesday, I got an actual sunburn. My face is brown (well, as brown as my face gets). Time to start back with the sunblock. Sigh. I like not having a sticky face. But I also like not having a crispy face. Or tan lines.

8) There is too much Twitter. It takes me a long time to read and quite a lot of mental fortitude. Not reading it, though, feels like ignoring important things. So... yeah, sometimes reading Twitter. It has been the best way for me to follow genreish events, but there really is just too much.
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Date:April 14th, 2014 10:01 pm (UTC)
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I really miss being able to walk to work. I used to live a nice, ten minute walk on quiet footpaths away from the lab. That walk home was *needed* to unwind me from the day and reset my patience with the world. My current drive home, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. :(

Also, ROLLER DERBY! Yes yes yes.