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Oct. 11th, 2013 @ 11:17 pm random
1) I cannot find my embroidery scissors. This is terrible, as I like them quite a bit, they are magnificently useful, my snips aren't very good when it comes down to it, and also the Catina has something that might be moist dermatitis right by her tailspot and the big scissors worry me. I have some cat-trimming to do. Is this more Maybe Fleas going on? Everyone's been treated and I've had no recent bites, so I don't think we have another Fleapocalypse on the horizon, but I worry. And I have been a bad cat owner, since clearly the Catina's skin reflects my virtue.

2) Nicknames for students so I can talk about them without violating confidentiality include Heybuddy, Simba, Little Miss Grumpypants, and Asshole. This is not a complete list. I can't decide if two of them are Declaimer and Announcer or the other way around, and I have to know because otherwise I'll forget.

3) Simba has trouble walking in a group. While with Announcer, I decided that our 'Stuck Like Glue' strategy, based on an earwormy song that the students mostly know, wasn't working, so I started doing elbow-checks. When the kiddo gets too far ahead, I say, "Elbows!" and the kiddo comes back, we bump elbows, I make a cheerful boop! noise, all done. This works incredibly well for Simba, who we feared would run into traffic his first couple days.

4) Simba is weapons-grade contrary. This means I spend a lot of time reminding myself that he will do whatever I say... eventually. I've started carrying knitting with me so I can focus on something else that's real work instead of staring him down.

5) Tree Huggers 2013-14! Angela and I are working on a 60-inch tree. If I do a square a day every day until the 25th, I'll have half done. I am already a day behind. Happily, friend and knitter Susan is getting married on Sunday. That's a lot of knitting time right there.

6) Yes, I'm bringing knitting to a wedding. Won't be the first time for this group.

7) There was more to say but it's been swamped out with school ideas and coming up with pseudonyms. Just be glad you aren't Asshole.
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Date:October 12th, 2013 07:44 am (UTC)
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Fleas can be alleviated by adding a tablespoonful of boric acid to the litter every time you clean the box.

It has been a great boon around here. I am a hermit, and the cats are indoor cats, but Valerie is a groomer, so there is a slight but steady influx.